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Internal Audit Co-Sourcing and Outsourcing Services

Fraud Audit and Investigation

Fraud Risk Management

Fraud Prevention, Fraud Investigation, Fraud Detection, Fraud Deterrence Services

Protecting Against the Risk of Fraud and Enhancing Fraud Risk Management

Vonya Global is a leading authority on Fraud Prevention, Fraud Detection, & Fraud Deterrence. Through our core Fraud Services (Fraud Audit, Fraud Investigation, and Fraud Training), we help our clients raise the sophistication of their audit procedures. Allowing them to prevent, detect, and deter Fraud.

Fraud Audit Services

Fraud Audit

Auditing for Fraud is the application of audit procedures to business transactions to identify fraud in core business systems. The goal is to identify fraudulent transactions that warrant an investigation.

Fraud Risk Assessment

A Fraud Risk Assessment will identify areas of your business which are most susceptible to fraud. It takes many factors into consideration to determine which fraud schemes are most likely being perpetrated and in what parts of the business.

Fraud Investigations

We provide thorough analysis of company controls, processes, and procedures in uncovering a suspected fraud. Within a few days, a preliminary assessment with a detailed investigative plan of action will be provided.

Fraud Training

Fraud is predictable, not as to occurrence but how it will occur in a specific situation. Auditors are better able to uncover fraud when they have been educated in how fraud occurs in core business systems.

Report on Fraud Risk Management

Vonya Global reports on the results of a study which gathered opinions on the effectiveness of fraud risk management.

Vonya Global helps our clients prepare and respond to the risk of Fraud at the minimum cost. We will help you advance your approach to Fraud prevention and detection.  Working with Vonya Global you can tell your Board of Directors "Yes, I proactively search for Fraud."