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Strategic Role of Internal Audit

Free eBook: Data Analytics Maturity

The topic of Data Analytics has been gaining momentum over the years as the concern over "Big Data" has developed. Vonya Global's Data Analytics Maturity report evalutes how many companies are using Data Analtyics and observes data analytics on a maturity curve.

"Data analytics allows us to identify trends and themes in data to improve our decision making and to identify anomalies and outliers for further root cause analysis. This allows us to more efficiently deploy our resources for maximum value."

Leveraging Data Analytics

Vonya Global surveyed a cross-section of business professionals in order to assess the deployment of data analytics within the internal audit profession. The participants were mostly internal auditors, from a variety of organizations and industries. The goal of the study was to plot the use of data analytics along a maturity curve.

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Final Report:
Data Analytics Maturity