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Internal Audit, Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance Consulting

Adviser: Risk Management, Internal Control, Corporate Governance

While growing your business is critical, controlling certain risks can be just as essential to your long term growth and profitability.

The consultants of Vonya Global will help you establish best practices for Risk Management, Internal Control, Corporate Governance and Compliance, which will allow you to focus on more important things... like growing your business.


About Vonya Global

Founded in 2007 by Veronika Fritz, Steve Randall, and Sargon Youmara, Vonya Global is a multinational internal audit consulting firm that is privileged to serve high profile companies across a wide variety of industries. Our services assist Audit Committees, Audit Executives, and Executive Management in assessing risk, testing and improving the effectiveness of internal controls, improving business processes and implementing best practices.

Our client engagements include regularly evaluating the effectiveness of governance, compliance and risk management; conducting risk assessments; analyzing data to determine exceptions and trends; creating risk-based audit plans; and executing internal audit projects throughout the world. The work we complete crosses all industries and in locations throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Vonya Global has created:

  1. a workplace that treats employees with respect, celebrates individuality, and provides long-term career opportunities.
  2. a structure that serves the best interests of clients and provides dedicated service based on a set of core principles.
  3. an organization that achieves the goals above while remaining sensitive to client budgetary constraints.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is critical to providing consistency to our clients. Vonya Global employs energetic auditors who get excited by the unique opportunities presented with each project. They are individuals who have decided that internal audit is their career and are passionate about the internal audit profession.

Core Principles

Our core principles drive our approach to client service.  Our clients realize the benefits of our dedication through the quality of our work and by fulfilling our commitments to them.


    We pledge to be available when you need us, wherever you need us.


    We pledge to do whatever is required to provide you with quality results on every engagement.


    We pledge to respond rapidly and deploy resources quickly throughout the globe


    We pledge to treat the protection of your critical data as our priority.