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Confidence in the Internal Auditor leads to better results

Internal Audit - A Better Way

FACT: 100% of process owners want the Internal Auditor to understand business.

While the internal Audiors of Vonya Global have multiple years of experience in internal audit, many have also served in operations roles. This experience makes a tremendous difference when working on an proaect. It gives the process owner confidence in the Vonya Global internal auditor and confidence in the internal auditor leads to better results.

The Making of a Good Audit

There are three essential elements required to produce great results in internal audit. The audit must follow a systematic and disciplined approach. The auditors must have access to an audit tool kit that enhances efficiency and effectiveness. Lastly, the auditors must have experience in audit and in business.

While Vonya Global meets the above requirements, the capabilities of the Vonya Global internal auditor set it apart from all competition. While the capabilities start with Experience, it also includes Technical Expertise, Attitude, Motivation, Tenure, and Adaptability. These traits are the essential ingredients to making a good internal audit project.

EXPERIENCE: The Vonya Global audit team is comprised of seasoned professionals typically with 10+ years of experience. Most of whom hold at least one certification, have a Big 4 background, and have spent multiple years in internal audit.

EXPERTISE: Many of Vonya Global's internal auditors hold one or more of the following: CPA, CIA, CFSA, CRMA, CCSA, CISM, CFE, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT.

ATTITUDE: Vonya Global employees are equal parts adaptable, flexible, and cooperative. They are as comfortable leading a team as they are taking direction from a manager.

MOTIVATION: The internal auditors of Vonya Global have selected consulting as their career. As career consultants, Vonya Global employees are eager to make a difference in each client.

TENURE: Vonya Global treats its employees with respect, rewards them for a job well done, provides them with new opportunities, and challenges them with exciting projects. The result is long tenure creating year-over-year consistency for our clients.

ADAPTABLE: Vonya Global is comprised of energetic auditors who get excited by the unique opportunities presented with each project. Each employee, regardless of job title, is equally as comfortable leading a project as they are in filling a staff role.