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Sargon Youmara

Sargon Youmara

Sargon Youmara (CPA) is a Managing Partner at Vonya Global with 20 years of audit and management experience. Prior to entering the internal audit profession in 2000, Sargon started his career in public account and his experience covers all areas of business including compliance, financial, operational and IT.

"I've met some very fine people in my twenty-two year career across three continents - none is finer than Sargon Youmara. He is the true embodiment of excellence."

Trusted Adviser

In addition to applying extensive audit and financial expertise to his engagements, he also has a deep understanding of engagement management, project management, business process improvement and risk management. Sargon’s commitment to his client’s success make him a trusted adviser allowing him to contribute to beyond the current project requirements.

Sargon is an expert at leading Sarbanes-Oxley compliance initiatives, including the requirements of the PCAOB and the SEC in addition to the new requirements of COSO. He is often called upon to be the primary liaison with the public accounting firm on behalf of management and the audit committee.

Sargon Youmara also held various positions with two regional public accounting firms, where he performed external audits, fraud investigations, inventory management consulting and other special projects. His efforts led to improved controls, increased operational efficiency and improved profitability for his clients.

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