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A Tactical and Strategic Resource

Our world-class consulting team is a diverse group of internal auditors and corporate governance professionals with the education, certification, experience and skill to add value to our clients and their business.

We are resources that are both tactical and strategic, with the ability to be deployed at a moments notice, giving our clients the flexibly to rapidly address developing situations.

Service, Experience, and Tenure

Client Service

The ability of our employees to deliver exceptional clients service has been the key to our growth and stability. We have high standards and we emphasize a collaborative work structure to get things done the right way. Our employees often share ideas with each other whether they are working side-by-side or on opposite sides of the world.


We employ experienced professionals who have seen the business world from both the operations side and audit side which provides acumen, savvy, and perspective. Continuous education and training are important to the development of our professionals and we encourage networking to learn and apply best practices.


Employee tenure is one of our distinguishing characteristics. Many of our employees have worked with us and each other for over a decade. Our retention formula is simple, we treat our employees with respect, rewarding them for a job well done, providing them with new opportunities, and challenging them with exciting projects. Employee tenure allows Vonya Global to provide our clients with consistency and reliability year after year.

Client Centric

The result of our philosophy is a loyal and motivated team, which from our personal experience this is the best way to build a strong, client centric organization.