The Risk Stops Here: a Story About Little Risky

This contribution to the Internal Audit Blog comes to us from the late John Landreth. We lost John a few years ago, far too early. While John spent his career in internal audit, he spent his life giving back to his family and community. He was an ambassador for the profession and a friend to all internal auditors. Years ago John came up with an idea for a story about risk, a fun little story about a cute lead character nicknamed “Little Risky.” He allowed me to read an early draft of his story. While the story needed a little tweaking, I immediately loved the his idea. Eventually his story was published and then converted into a presentation. The following is the short presentation about our friend “Little Risky.” If you like it, I ask that you please share it with your friends and colleagues. Let’s keep the story going and John’s legacy alive.

All the best,

This blog was contributed in the memory of John Landreth (April 14, 1957 – June 6, 2010). John served as the Chief Audit Executive for a variety of Chicago based companies. Outside of internal audit, John was a board member of Park Ridge Baseball and Softball, and the Alliance for the Great Lakes, former member of Park Ridge Indian Scouts and the District 64 Caucus.